Grill Baby Grill!

I'm grilling at my place to night. Come one come all. I have steak sandwichs and burgers enought for 5-6 people but if you want something not on the menu bring it with you and we'll throw it on. As this is kinda last minute it's probably going to be low key I have some booze as well but not lot so bring some if u come. Basicall all i'm offering is some grill space and some socialization and of course xbox games. Call me if you want to know more. I'll start grilling around 630.

Party! Party! Party!

Hey you Guys! Just a quick reminder that the is A Memorial Day Party and Cook Out! @ our apartment this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Festivities begin @ 6pm! Food is provided; brats, chorizo, hamburger and turkey dogs, as well as snacks of various types. Entertainment is also provided in the form of socialization, various trivia and board games and of course the ever popular Rock Band! The only things you have to bring are yourselves and some booze to pass. Start season right! With drinking!

Any questions? Feel free to call me!
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Battlestar & Oblivion

This week I finished two thing I have devoted alot of time too in the past two years: Battlestar Galactica and Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Some thoughts...

Battlestar: The first hour of of the two hour finale was just great, as good as anything battlestar has done. The only thing I can complain about was the very tiny body count, the show usaully has no fear killing off secondary characters but most make it through all right. The second hour was more hit and miss than the first one, at least that was my opinion after first watching it. I started liking it more as I thought about the implications and gave it time to move through my brain, there is something Golden Age about it. Like it's how Larry Niven or Issac Asimov would have ended it if they had been writing the show and there is something appropiate about that.

Oblivion: 93 hrs 37 min 23 sec. And I could still play more! I haven't got all the nimroots or any of the master skills, the cure for vampirism nor have I explored the all the ayelid ruins or done all the settlement quests, all told maybe another 15-20 hrs of game time. But I am done... for now...

Next up watching lost i'm six episodes behind.
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Plans Have been made!

Heres the plan as of this moment but don't expect it to change too much,

6pm - Begin gathering at My/Keith/Erin's Place eat some food, drink a little and play some rock band.

9pm - Leave for Cafe Momarte just off the square to see the band "Houses in Motion", a Talking Heads cover band I have heard many good things about, show starts at ten 7 dollar cover som plan for it. I'd like to stay for at least one set.

11pm - Walk to the downtown Great Dane for some friendly pool, darts and shuffleboard.

1pm - Head back home for some snacks and maybe some games. See where the night takes us.

Doesn't that sound tolerable! Come join in!

JUST TO BE CLEAR! I am talking about next friday the thirteenth, my birthday.

Birthday Party!

Frdiady feburary 13th, next week, my birhtday, 29, you should come, I'll be the depressed one. We are gathering at my/keith/erin's place at 6pm. Still planning deatails. More as the date approaches.

Inaugaration Party 2009!

Hey everybody Keith and I are hosting a get together at our place tuesday night to celebrate the departure of Bush II and the inaugaration of Barak Hussein Obama. Now the actual ceremony is at noon but since most of us will be at work at the time we will watch a recording, so come hang out with us and celebrate the begining of a new era in american history. Party starts at five, some wine and or champaigne will be provided as well as some snacks and of course entertainment. See you there!

The New Doctor Who... Matt Smith?!

Yep thats him, the youngest actor to ever play the doctor. He has doctor who connections as well, he has appeared in BBC tv movies with billie piper based on on some popular british detective novels as her sidekick. He also nakedly romped with her in the excellent Secret Diaries of a Call Girl which airs on ITV, you know the other british TV network. I'm still deciding how I feel about it.